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San Francisco Amputation Injury Attorneys

Dedicated to Handling Amputation/Limb Loss Claims

At the Law Offices of Sanford M. Cipinko, we provide personalized, sympathetic attention to our clients.

We also have a proven record of recovering substantial verdicts and settlements to provide the financial basis for establishing a new lifestyle after a severe injury that results in the loss of a limb.

People who have suffered from amputations due to acts of negligence require medical care. Our legal strategy will be designed to get them the compensation they need to pay for that care, as well as for any other costs associated with the injury and its aftermath.

We Handle all Types of Amputation-Related Cases

Based in San Francisco, our attorneys help people throughout California who have suffered the loss of any body part, including an arm, leg, hand, foot, eye (or loss of sight) or ear (or loss of hearing).

Despite the obvious severity of amputation injuries, the opposition will often be unwilling to offer full compensation without being pushed. We are ready to push and keep the pressure on until we get a successful result. We prepare every case with the expectation that it will go to trial. If the opposing party does not want to settle the case by providing the money we believe our client deserves, we will be ready to go into the courtroom and tell your story to a jury.

How Did the Amputation Injury Happen?

We handle injuries that resulted from any type of accident, including those that stem from auto accidents:

We handle all other accidents as well, including:

Our team can also handle medical malpractice cases in which a doctor either unnecessarily amputates a limb or mistakenly amputates the wrong limb.

Handling all Cases on a Contingency Basis

In amputation-related cases, you will only be asked to pay attorney fees if we are successful in recovering compensation for you.

Offering Free Consultations

To schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer at the Law Offices of Sanford M. Cipinko, call us at 415-693-9905 or send us an e-mail.